Vision And Mission

To be a value driven learning organization with excellence as itsstandard, where tradition and technology fuse with the best of the availableresearch to provide the impetus for continuing learning and growth.To create an environment in which faculty grows as individuals and aseducators, ready to realize the vision.To imbibe learning by enquiry, exploration and experience, rather than by rote. To be at the cutting edge of educational technology.


To transform our students to be autonomous individuals who are :- confident and committed; aware and communicative; compassionate, caring and honest; environment and technology friendly; striving to excel and lead; responsible, disciplined and value driven; learning to cope with life successfully; ready for life and the world Beyond School. To mould the lives of our students so that they become better human beings andlife long learners.To strive towards building a better world. To inculcate in our students a love for learning.

Teaching is individualized and responsive to the talents of each student, and the curriculum is rigorous and integrates the concepts and skills embedded within the major disciplines. Our students are chosen for their promise of intellect and character and are selected from a cross-section of the community. Our faculty members, are leaders in their fields, are supported in advancing their studies and are encouraged to share their knowledge widely. 
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