Rules & Regulation
Regarding Admission :
1. The Management reserves to itself the right of admission.
2. The school is open to all eligible candidates provided the student fulfils certain requirements set by The school Management and parents concerned undertake to comply with all Rules and Regulations framed by Management and the School from time to time.
3. The school reserves the right to make its own admission policy to grant or refuse admission without giving any reason or explanation whatsoever. Admission cannot be claimed as of right.
4. Admission will be made on merit basis or entrance test as may be the case. 
5. Every candidate must complete the admission form in all respects along with attested copies of supporting certificates and six passport size photographs.

Regarding Examination :

1. It is a compulsion for the students to appear in all the house examinations and tests held in the school. The absentees will be fined as per the norms of the shool.
2. Theory and practical are considered two separate units. It is mandatory for the students to attend 75% of lectures delivered both in theory and practical classes separately.
3. Students are advised not to use any unfair means during examination otherwise disciplinary action will be taken.
4. In order to get permission to appear in annual examination, the students must fulfill the following conditions:
5. At least 75% lectures delivered in theory as well as practical classes must be attended.
6. The student will have to obtain minimum qualifying marks 35% in every subject in house tests conducted by the college.

Regarding Leave & Attendance :
  Students are expected to attend all classes and practical regularly. Leave will be granted.
Subject to the following rules :
1. All students will be subject to the attendance rules of the college as may be laid down from time to time.
2. Leave up to three days will be sanctioned by the concerned class teacher, up to one week by Student Welfare Coordinator and exceeding that by the Principal. The Principal is the final sanctioning authority for leave.
3. The name of the student may be struck off from the college rolls if he does not attend the classes continuously for a week without permission.
4. No student suffering from any infectious disease is permitted to attend the classes unless he produces a certificate of fitness countersigned by a qualified doctor and allowed by Principal.

Regarding Discipline :
1. The institute is not responsible for books, laptop, mobile, money and other articles that are missing. Students must take care of their belongings themselves.
2. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience & conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school justify dismissal.
3. All letters and correspondence addressed to the pupils are subject to scrutiny by the Principal.
4. No collection for any purpose whatsoever is to be started and no meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held without previous permission of the Principal.
5. Smoking, any form of gambling, use of drugs/ intoxicants are absolutely forbidden.
6. ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Any involvement will lead to the resignation.
7. Mobile phones are not allowed in the school building, class rooms and library.
8. Students must always keep their identity card with them and produce it whenever required. Identity card can be checked any time on the entry gate, in the college.
9. Students must abide by the rules, regulations and instructions issued by the school from time to time.
10. Students must park their vehicles at parking place. Plying of vehicles at the school campus is not allowed.
11. Students must not damage the school property. They must not disfigure furniture or deface walls by any means. In case of any damage, they will have to bear the cost.
12. Students must read the latest notices displayed on the notice board. Ignorance of any information duly displayed on the notice board shall not be accepted as an excuse.
13. Students/ Parents must inform the college in case of any change in address and phone numbers.
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